Programs at Crossroads Mission


Throughout the years we have identified addiction, homelessness, lack of job skills, and lack of education as the main problems we see. The presence of any one of these problems can result in a diminished quality of life.
Having one or more of these issues can lead to having another. It becomes a cycle that is hard to break.
At Crossroads Mission we understand that help is needed in order to overcome them. That is why we have created programs that target each of the specific problems. The Recovery Program helps with problems of addiction. The Job Training Program helps people gain the job skills needed to obtain a job and to keep a job once obtained. The New Way Program is designed to help people out of homelessness and to learn the skills needed to prevent it. The Career & Academic Center helps adults obtain their G.E.D. and prepare for college.
Our programs have been through a lot of changes and will probably continue to evolve as the need arises. Our goal is to rescue people out of their situations with the help of God.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible! Click here to find out how.

Learn how to find work with our Joy Of Being Sober training!

The Crossroads Mission’s New Way Program was designed with the homeless and needy in mind.

Do you need help obtaining your GED? We can help!!!