A good portion of our work hours is volunteer hours.
We are blessed with caring people who dedicate their time and talent on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.
You may sign up to be a volunteer in any area of your interest or expertise.
You can do volunteer work as a one-time event or on a permanent basis.

There Is Many Areas to Be of Service In.


Organizing the pantry, prepping meals, dish washing, cooking, serving, and cleaning of kitchen and dining rooms. Extra help is needed in the kitchen for special events.

Thrift Store

Sorting donations, organizing donations for pricing, furniture cleaning and repair, appliance and electronics tester, jewelry organizer, warehouse assistant, floor merchandise organizer, floor merchandise display creator, bookstore organizer, shelves and displays organizer and cleaner, general store cleaning, customer help.


Help at the reception desk, house manager assistance, special events and holiday decorating, assistance during bed sign-ups and general guest intakes, specialized case management, general cleaning of dorms, bathrooms, floors, multi-purpose rooms, and lobbies.

*** Volunteering at the Family Shelter requires a fingerprint clearance card and/or proof of clean criminal record ***

First Step

Emergency Medical Technicians, Certified Nurse’s Assistants, Nurses, and Doctors for monitoring of people in the first stages of drug and alcohol withdrawal and for checking people with health issues at the Mission.


Behavioral Health Professionals or Technicians, Certified or Licensed Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists to help people in the Treatment Program, or those with mental health issues.


Speakers for the daily chapel services, Bible study leaders, children’s Bible storytellers and puppet shows, personal encouragement and prayer, small group leaders, singing groups, prayer warriors.

Administration & Development

Receptionists, office assistance, project managers, professional services, community outreach, mission representative and ambassador at clubs, organizations, churches, lobbyists, grant writers, grant finders, donation processing, mailings, inventory and purchasing, general office organization, and cleaning.


Building maintenance, new and repair projects by contractors, carpenters, tile and floor installers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, painters, decorators, carpet cleaners, pressure washers, appliance maintenance, and repair.

Special Events

There are several special events that we host throughout the year, among them the 3 Days of Thanksgiving and the 3 Days of Christmas. These events present great opportunities for you to become involved in helping the needy in our community. They also serve as a way of introducing what we do and what goes on at Crossroads Mission if you don’t know us.
We invite you to be a part of one of our events. The ways that you can help are endless! Some of our events serve over 3,000 meals in a couple of hours.
We also welcome your volunteering efforts in organizing your own special events to raise funds and awareness for Crossroads Mission. Visit our To Help page for more information.

If You Are Interested In Volunteering, Please Contact:

Barbara Rochester

(928) 328-8401