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The consistent support of our donors is essential and it plays a significant role in our operational budget. No matter what kind of donation you give, it truly helps in making a difference in someone’s life. The value of your support cannot be overstated. The number of employees required to staff the whole Crossroads Mission operation is beyond our capacity to hire. The majority of workers fill two or three positions. Lacks and financial difficulties are nothing new to us. Before reducing our service offerings, we attempt to reduce everything. We have even had to let staff members go just to make ends meet.

Your help can prevent shortages and ensure that the homeless, the needy, and the addicted of our community have the help they need. There are numerous ways in which you can pitch in. You can donate money, donate items, donate food, and donate your time. We’ve created a page for each of these ways to help. We invite you to look through them and prayerfully consider where God would have you contribute. Even if you can’t help us with a donation, please pray constantly for God to continue to bless Crossroads Mission and all who come here.

Other Giving Ideas:

– Ask that your church consider adopting Crossroads Mission as one of its ministries.
– Have a fundraising day or event at church, work, club, etc.
– Include Crossroads Mission in your business sponsoring budget.
– Request a coin collecting box to be placed at your desk, check-out counter, or lobby.
– Allow your employees to donate through payroll deduction.
– Have a special coin bank at home, church, or school for children to give to the poor. When it is full, send it or deliver it along with handmade cards from all participants.
– Hold contests, such as sales, and divide the cash prizes between the winner and Crossroads Mission.
– Include Crossroads Mission in your will.

There are many more ways to help!
Be creative, pray over it, and give us a call for more suggestions!