Joy of Being Sober


Addiction has devastating consequences on an individual's job performance and retention. Often it is necessary to review and relearn basic job skills and adequate workplace conduct. To do this we offer the J.O.B.S. component as part of the New Life Recovery Program. It consists of 14 weeks and each week is focused on exploring and learning different skills.
Week 1: Resume, Tests and Choices
Week 2: Applying for Jobs
Week 3: Interviewing
Week 4: The JOBS Fair
Week 5: The Workplace Inventory
Week 6: Team Building
Week 7: Serving the Community
Week 8: Sexual and Workplace Harassment
Week 9: Ethics in the Workplace
Week 10: Working Together
Week 11: The Language of Work
Week 12: Cultural Competency
Week 13: Public Speaking
Week 14: Keeping a Job
Clinical Supervisor:

Myra E. Garlit, M.Ed., LISAC, BHP
Chief Executive Officer

We are a provider for the State of Arizona through Arizona Complete Health Regional Behavioral Health Authority:

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If you are having a medical emergency please call 911. If you have a crisis related to drugs, alcohol, or mental health you can call NURSEWISE at 1-866-495-6735.
Si usted tiene una emergencia medica, por favor llame al 911. Si tiene una crisis relacionada con drogas, alcohol, o salud mental usted puede llamar a NURSEWISE al 1-866-495-6735.


A telecommunications device for the hard of hearing or deaf is available at our First Step Center: (928) 783-9362, Ext. 302


We have Certified English/Spanish Interpreters. ALTA Language Services Inc. performs live tests for fluency in Spanish listening and speaking. Contamos con Intérpretes Certificados en Inglés y Español. ALTA Language Services Inc. realiza pruebas en vivo para fluencia en hablar y escuchar español.


We value your comments and suggestions. A "Client Grievances Policy" is in place at Crossroads Mission for New Life & New Way program participants. The policy and the grievance forms are available at our shelter locations, the Foundation Center, and First Step Center. Non-program participants may send their comments, suggestions, praises, or concerns to our administration office: 944 S. Arizona Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364.