Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it cost anything to stay at Crossroads?

No! Staying in either of the homeless shelters is free

How long can I stay in the shelters?

The Men's and Family Shelters can answer this question.

What does it cost to get into New Life or New Way?

Treatment and First Step can answer this question

Are pets allowed at the Mission?

Service dogs are welcome at Crossroads, but they must be labeled as such and have proper documentation. (need this clarified)

I was banned from Crossroads, when can i come back and how can i get this information?

You can speak to either shelter to find out when your ban will be lifted. (need more info here)

I have special medical needs, can i still stay at the mission?

Yes you can, but you must be able to physically care for yourself.

How can i get my spouse/sibling/child/friend into a Crossroads treatment program?

Contact our First Step Center or our Treatment team (Need a more fleshed out answer from Cesar/Myra on this)